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Slyne with Hest Parish Council Meeting

Monday 19th October 2020



1. To receive apologies


                The meeting will be adjourned for the 

         Open Forum

               matters raised by City Councillors

               matters raised by County Councillor

               matters raised by members of the public


2.   To receive declarations of Interest


            Co-option of two new Councillors


      4.   To approve the minutes of the meeting  held on Monday 21 September 2020


5.   Progress reports  for information only


      6.    Administration

                                -to consider on-going information from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

                                      -Community development Group –report of any updates

                                      -to consider a request for a mobile catering unit to visit the village


      7.   Financial Matters

                               -to receive and approve the quarterly receipts and payments report –attached


      8.    Open Spaces

                            -to consider further work that needs to be done on the recreation field*

                                  -to consider the quotations for any work as a result of the tree safety assessment report*

                                  -to consider the quotations for work to be done on the road to the former VVV*  

                                  -to consider a policy for memorial benches on Open Spaces


      9.   Planning Applications

            Application received

               20/00938/FUL    New House Farm, Lancaster Road, Slyne, LA2 6AW

               20/00976/FUL    32 Manor Road, Slyne, LA2 6LB

               20/0173/TPO     25 Throstle Walk, Slyne, LA2 6LD

               20/0177/TCA     Manor House Farm, Main Road, Slyne, LA2 6RD

               20/0178/TPO     The Orchard, Lancaster Road, Slyne, LA2 6AS

               20/01005/FUL    St John's Hospice, Slyne Road, Slyne, LA2 6ST

              Application withdrawn

               20/00723/FUL    1 Grove Court, Throstle Grove, Slyne, LA2 6AX

              Application refused

               20/0128/TPO     21 Hest Bank Lane, Hest Bank, LA2 6DG

                                        Split decision- refusal to fell 3 sycamore trees, permitted to fell 1 lime tree under the

                                         condition that a replacement lime tree is planted


    10.   Payment of Accounts


              -to consider for approval the transfer of £12,000 from the Deposit Account to the Current Account   

              -to consider for approval the payment of the accounts as listed:


Cheque      122339   Envirocare Maintenance Solutions                                       780.00   grounds maintenance –Sept

                 122340   Glasdon UK Limited                                                            482.44   litter bin

                 122341   Duncan Ross Limited                                                         9957.84   work on recreation field

                 122342   PKF Littlejohn LLP                                                              360.00   annual audit fee                                          

                 122343   Mrs D Brookes                                                                      878.50   clerk's salary

                 122344   Petty cash                                                                            78.74    sundry items



                 122345   HMRC                                                                                  315.62   NIC & PAYE

                 122346   Mr S Brade                                                                           337.73   groundsman's pay + materials



     11.   Matters raised by members for future consideration  


     12.   Date of next meeting

             Monday 16 November 2020


        D Brookes                                                                                                                        

                                                                                 *    councillors see attached notes                                                              


                                                                                                                            Mrs D Brookes

                                                                                                                            Clerk to the Council