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Chairman's report

Hello everybody!
Firstly I hope that everyone is keeping safe and well during this pandemic.

Parish Council meetings continue to be held complying with Government guidelines that are in force at the time to make the memorial hall covid secure, for example, social distancing, sanitising and signage but if attending please also wear a face covering if it makes you feel more comfortable.  It may be necessary to impose restrictions on attendance at the Open Forum to adhere to social distancing recommendations.
We have two vacancies and are hoping to co-opt new members.

The Village Newsletter is being discontinued as it wasn't being used widely in the village, so we are going to publish Parish Council business on our official website. If you want to know what is happening, please look it up

Recreation field; further work has been carried out with the seeding of the large 'pitch' area. We are hoping for future developments to go ahead, weather permitting.  Unfortunately the illegal bike track had to be closed after consultation with our insurers but we are going to hold discussions and consultations about how we can develop an area that can be used safely by the young bikers. A consultation will be held on the development of the whole field and what changes residents desire.  The boardwalk is becoming unsafe as parts of it are becoming rotten. It may need to be closed or dismantled. Tape and signs have been put up to warn the public but have been taken down by persons unknown. Please take care when using it.

Trees; please look at the trees that are on your property to see if they need cutting back for safety reasons.  The Council has had a survey of all its trees carried out by a tree specialist so you can expect to see some work carried out on parish council land where it has been recommended.

Dog owners; yet again I have to raise the issue of responsible dog ownership as some people are still not picking up their dog's waste. This is particularly important on open spaces, for example,  the recreation field, memorial hall field, Bottomdale football fields and the foreshore, which are used by children, games teams and members of the public..
It is against the law and really you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only is it unsightly and repugnant but can be a health hazard. You must accept your responsibilities if you own a dog.

Cllr Stewart Scothern
Chairman of the Council