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Slyne Village 

Video & Pictures from the village conservation area

(with thanks to the Slyne-with-Hest Local History Group)

Slyne Video Tour

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A short walk up Hanging Green Lane and Manor Lane brings us to the junction with the A6 road.  

The road was part of the Garstang to Heron Syke turnpike, itself part of the 18th C England to Scotland highway.

Manor House Farm has a date stone 1681 dedicated to Cornelius and Mary Greene. The Greene family owned much of the land and property in Slyne during the 18th and19 centuries.


These old cottages lie on the A6. 

One of the original turnpike milestones is prominent in the foreground 


This cottage is known locally as  "The Old Malt House". 

It dates from 1650.


A few yards further south are several interesting buildings including this one..."The Old Post Office". It must have been tricky crossing the road before the M6 was built!


Slyne Grange dates from at least 1799. It was owned in 1845 by William Sparling who was tried for murder of Edward Grayson in a duel, but acquitted at Lancaster Assizes in 1804.



One of the oldest houses in the village is "Little Grange" next door to Slyne Grange. It dates from 1575 and was used to house the servants from the big house.


Derby House was referred to as "neat, new built dwelling house" when sold in 1811.



Ashton House Farm has a date and initials on the lintel 1723 C.B., but it is uncertain to whom the initials refer. The name comes from a later owner John Ashton who occupied the property at the end of the 18thC.



Slyne Lodge, now a public house and restaurant, was once one of the premier residences of the village. It belonged in turn to the Peacock and Hall families.


The village pound has been sensitively restored recently and is a peaceful haven planted with local varieties of flowers and shrubs. It lies near the junction of the A6 and Throstle Grove.


Just outside the Pound are the village stocks. Some locals suggest they could be restored to their former use.




Throstle Grove Farm



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